Home of the $10 Space

Come visit our Swap Meet in Mesa, Arizona, to Buy / Sell / or Trade remarkable products or item’s with venders from around the State and Country as well as our local community. Apache Trail Swap Meet has been open since April 1st, 2011 leasing space on our asphalt lot to vendors looking to sell their new and used products outdoors. Contact us  to find out why we’re known as the home of the $10 space!

Find Everything You’d Ever Want at Our Swap Meet & Flea Market

  • Antiques & Artifacts: Rocks and Gems • Fossils • Furniture  • Tools • Jewelry • Pottery
  • Home Decor & Accessories: Coffee Pots • Lamps • Coffee Pots • Microwaves • Silverware • Toasters
  • Jewelry: Gold Jewelry • Handmade  Jewelry • Native American  Jewelry • Silver Jewelry • Watches
  • New & Used Clothing: Gloves • Hats • Jackets • Scarves • Shoes • Sports Jerseys • Sweaters
  • Recreation Supplies:  Books • Camping Gear • Toys • Musical Instruments
  • Tools: Free Standing • Hand Tools

Become Part of Our Community
Vendors and shoppers alike will feel at home at our swap meet. It is our goal to help build a stronger community by having our local people buy and sell to each other in a very comfortable and friendly setting. Make sure you stop by today to see what sort of deals your neighbors have for you.

Hours of Operation: Fri – Sat – Sun 8am to 4pm

Serving: Mesa, AZ

Contact our swap meet today for vender information.

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